We maintain an active mirror of important tools and repositories for the security industry. For us it is a way of giving back a little in the open source spirit. Our mirror is important for the Gibraltar, Spain and UK regions as we are connected via high speed fibre into the core backbone.


Kali Linux

A fresh Kali Linux image is generated every few months, which is available for download via our mirror. Our mirror provides the links to download Kali Linux in its latest official release. For a release history, check the Kali Linux Releases page. Please note: You can find unofficial, untested weekly releases at http://cdimage.kali.org/kali-weekly/. To download Kali either us the links on the official Kali Linux site or click the direct accessed links below. Remember, always compare the file signatures!

Image NameDownloadSizeVersionsha256sum
Kali Linux 64 BitHTTP2.8G2018.256f677e2edfb2efcd0b08662ddde824e254c3d53567ebbbcdbbf5c03efd9bc0f
Kali Linux Light 64 BitHTTP865M2018.2554f020b0c89d5978928d31b8635a7eeddf0a3900abcacdbc39616f80d247f86
Kali Linux E17 64 BitHTTP2.6G2018.2be0a858c4a1862eb5d7b8875852e7d38ef852c335c3c23852a8b08807b4c3be8
Kali Linux Lxde 64 BitHTTP2.6G2018.2449ecca86b0f49a52f95a51acdde94745821020b7fc0bd2129628c56bc2d145d
Kali Linux Xfce 64 BitHTTP2.6G2018.20e94035a0a56fccc49961b0da56b9243ed3da6a3f8d696884e6f0b936f74dbfb
Kali Linux Light 32 BitHTTP864M2018.2f981e5ad35ccbec5b4d41bb6278f9d2f182609a2cf19e5b586fe1c2efe2a0630
Kali Linux 32 BitHTTP2.8G2018.2641b3bfa9f931a908d6f96c52e316f6e0c18ad23ad397965441d5106c7198beb
Kali Linux Kde 64 BitHTTP2.8G2018.2c7257f57e38d9c30ff2ac0a036fae9c0ad419e26f25acc46e980d1f485080307
Kali Linux Light ArmhfHTTP643M2018.2ceaaf980a50d101ffa8db3e2dedc43575f228ef36248eae51e442706939ff43d
Kali Linux Mate 64 BitHTTP27.G2018.211cd63e5b5148d5cafa84c334623e819f6923d7f118c8950f48fd4eae4822fda