Hedgehog Heros

Our staff, our heores.

We are proud of our staff. Each and every one brings something a little different to the team and each difference enhances the team significantly. We also respect their privacy. Not every hero is listed here, only those who chose to be.



Peter is our founder and presently our CEO. In his day to day role he wears many hats and can be found answer the phones, making the tea, teaching the interns and working on client engagements.

Peter is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered Engineer and holds numerous Cyber Security qualifications including the CISSP, OSCP, CREST CRT, SANS GCFA, CISM and CISA to make only a few.



Cassandra is our Managing Director. In keeping with the culture and ethos of Hedgehog, Cassandra can be found regular performing other roles from office administration, HR, payroll and finance and across the board to sales and marketing.

Where Cassandra really enjoys life is in the audit roles. Cassandra is heavily involved in the baseline audits for our Continual Cyber Assurance clients and assisting on ISO27001:2013 audits.



Steven is our Operations Manager and our Lead Penetration Tester. Steven has come from more than 15 years of IT support, architecture, security and management into the specialist fields of Cyber Security through the Hedgehog intern program.

Steven gained his OSCP in 2018 and works closely alongside Peter in the research aspects of the business. He also runs the technical team and the security operations center in Gibraltar.



Celene is our lead Intelligence Analyst and supports our Continual Cyber Assurance clients by gathering cyber threat intelligence and providing real time alerts to our clients.

Celene comes from a mysterious background of social engineering and human intelligence and moved over to the corporate world in 2017 where she has had a desk at Hedgehog ever since.



Roxana is our Office Manager. Like all technical collectives we need someone to keep the balance and to ensure that everything in the office is maintained and managed. This is Roxana's calling.

Based from the Gibraltar Security Operations Center, Roxana ensures all the admin work is completed, the phones are answers and smooth running is maintained.



Michael is one of our interns. Michael left Bayside School in Gibraltar in 2017 and since then has been working on the 24 month internship. Michael recently sat is OSCP exam and is currently working towards securing his full CREST Registered Tester qualification.

Michael works from our Gibraltar Security Operations Center and works on client engagements under the supervision of Steven and Peter.



Chloe is the newest member of the Hedgehog family and is on a one year placement from Leeds university. Chloe has a passion for hardware hacking and community events and has been helping run the Leeds BSides events. Rumour has it Chloe will also be joining the core team for BSides Gibraltar.

While on her 12 month work placement, Chloe is working towards her OSCP and by Easter 2019 aims to be a full member of the operational testing team for Hedgehog. We look forward to her joining us very soon.