Published: 29/05/18 by Becky Ashton

GDPR – What do we know so far?

We might have had two years to prepare for the introduction of the new General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) but it seems every business left it to the last possible minute before bombarding us all with opt-in emails

Data Breach

Published: 16/05/18 by Becky Ashton

Nearly half of all UK businesses hit by security breach

Despite all the warnings about the financial and reputational damage a cyber attack can cause, nearly half of all businesses in the UK are still refusing to take them seriously.


Published: 03/05/18 by Becky Ashton

What does the introduction of GDPR really mean?

You are probably fed up of hearing about GDPR, after all, every other email right now is to alert us to changes and asking us to recommit to signing up for various newsletters and updates.

mobile phishing

Published: 15/04/18 by Becky Ashton

Mobile phishing attacks hit an all-time high so how can you stay safe?

According to new research by mobile security firm Lookout, mobile phishing attacks have risen by 85% every year since 2011!

Cyber Risk Report

Published: 04/04/18 by Becky Ashton

Cyber Risk Report – March

March saw a significant number of phishing campaigns being run alongside an increasing number of crypto and ransomware attacks.

Published: 03/04/18 by Becky Ashton

How can you keep your Facebook data private?

The #DeleteFacebook campaign has been gathering pace over the last week, as the pressure continues to grow on CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the British research firm Cambridge Analytica.

Smart tech

Published: 22/03/18 by Becky Ashton

How smart is Smart tech?

As technology gets more advanced we all think about products that can make our life easier and more secure.

Published: 08/03/18 by Becky Ashton

Equifax reveal the true cost of their breach

When Equifax first announced, in September 2017, that they had been breached no one quite knew the full scale of the incident.

Published: 05/03/18 by Becky Ashton

Local government hit by 98 million cyber attacks

75% of councils do not provide any mandatory cybersecurity training despite being hit by 98million cyberattacks over a five-year period.

Published: 21/02/18 by Becky Ashton

Data breaches hit a record high

New research has revealed the full extent of the data breach problem, with a record total of 5,207 breaches occurring during 2017.

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