Cyber Essentials Plus Assessment


Cyber Essentials Plus Assessment


Achieve Cyber Essentials Plus with the assurance that you have achieved it with a CREST assured firm. Plus includes an external vulnerability scan of up to 16 IP addresses, an internal vulnerability scan of up to 32 addresses and assessment. To scan more IP addresses addresses, you will need to purchase additional scan packs.

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The Hedgehog Difference

How does our Cyber Essentials Plus Certification service different from others?

  • We offer the ability to do the onsite assessment over a VPN if you wish to save the inconvenience of travel expenses and our tester being onsite for a couple of hours.

  • You get an extra level of assurance knowing that one of our seasoned penetration testers has carried reviewed your assessment following the CREST Cyber Essentials testing specification and performed a vulnerability scan of your public facing infrastructure at no extra cost.

  • We turn around your certification submission in 4 hours (within the business day) and should we identify any areas which cause you to fail the assessment, we will provide you with the information you need to know to pass it. We do not charge you for your re-submission. We will then schedule the next available slot with one of our CREST certified Penetration Testers to do the workstation assessment and internal vulnerability scan.


The CREST approved vulnerability scan is for up to 16 IP addresses externally and 32 IP addresses internally. Should you need more further IP addresses scanning, then you can purchase further address blocks in packs of 16.

Our Cyber Essentials certification package includes two re-assessments should you not pass first time. If you fail three times, you will need to purchase a further Cyber Essentials certification package.

Where our tester is needed to attend you site, travel to and from the site will be charged at a reasonable rate which will be agreed with you in advance.