Dark Web & Internet Monitoring

indepth review of your internet exposure.

  • Traditional Internet searches

  • The Onion Router searches

  • I2P searches

  • Pastebin Checks

  • 35x Search Aggregation checks

  • Review of Threat Platform Intelligence feeds

  • Review of Government level intelligence feeds


Monitoring your Brands

Your Brand is important. Brand damage is one of the most important things for many firms and and damage to the brand and the firms reputation can run into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds of damage. While monitoring is not going to prevent attacks it will alert you to potential attacks and provide a sentiment level of your brand from the digital underground.

How it works

During the on-boarding week you will be asked to provide brand names and any key words that are important for your business. These are the keys our SOC (Security Operations Center) will use to build their searches. For example, these could be:

“Hedgehog Security”, “Bassill” and “Bentley”

The SOC will then run searches across a myriad of platforms to identify any points of interest using your key.