Marketing & Events Manager Application

Thank you for your interest in the Marketing & Events Manager role.

We seek an individual who is educated and has experiance within Marketing and Events management. The successful candidate will be responsible for managing our Social Media platforms, creating marketing materials and managing our Cyber Security and our Motorsports events. This role is located on the out-skirts of Stoke on Trent.

The Key Responsibilities of the Marketing & Events Manager:

  • Respond to events enquiries (by phone, email, social media and website) in a timely and professional manner

  • Lead our social media campaigns, devise new campaigns and drive more interaction with the brand through social media

  • Create new and exciting marketing materials

  • Be the go-to person with all types of communications ranging from events participants, supporters and suppliers in order to make a cohesive overall team

  • Compile feedback from event participants and analyse responses, reporting these this to key managers and using them in future event strategies

  • Assist in all pre-event preparation checking and rechecking that tasks have been completed or are underway. Also have a clear understanding of who, what, where and when everything needs to happen on the day.

  • Alongside the marketing and overall team support the promotion of activities on Social media and all available channels

The Key Skills and Attributes Required:

  • The ideal candidate will have 2 years’ experience working in Events Management

  • Have knowledge of Motorsports

  • Be happy working weekends

  • Love working with social media

  • Skilled in the creation of marketing materials

  • Be organised and punctual - managing projects from start to finish

  • Have the ability to build and maintain strong client relationships and ensure excellent customer service.

  • Have excellent communication skills and can select the most suitable method of communication when required

  • Have significant knowledge of working with tight budgets and able to identify overspends and concerns thereby achieving the most optimal value to the business

  • Be able to work under pressure, and meet deadlines effectively, planning and re-planning when necessary

  • Be passionate about the the cyber security and the motorsports industries, and keep up to date with all the newest trends.

  • Have an eye for detail, and have the ability to use initiative and make decisions on the spot when required

Please complete the below form and follow the instructions on the subsequent page.

Thanks, and good luck.

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