Our Team

The Hedgehog Team. We work together and play together as one big family.


Peter Bassill

Peter is the Founder and the CEO of Hedgehog and balances these roles with the role of principle security researcher, speaker and brand ambassador.

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isabella bassill

Isabella is Peters partner in life and in the business and although Isabella does not take an active part in the day to day business she is always present to provide a governance oversight.


krissi delanchy

Krissi is our Client Director. Krissi is responsible to ensuring that all of our clients have everything they need and that their projects run extremely smoothly.

Michael Aguilera

Michael joined us straight out of school and is now one of our penetration testers. Michael’s favourate topic is windows environments.


Danielle Morgan Kent

Danielle is the office manager and is responsible for ensure we all get the work done in a timely manner.


ChlÖe Ungar

Chlöe is one of our penetration testers. Chlöe has a keen interest for hardware hacking and loves the challenge that engagements bring.