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180 Days



This vulnerability is 5 years 6 months and 4 days old and there are presently no exploits available for the it. The vulnerability itself is over a year old, and while there are presently no publicly known exploits available for it, the vulnerability should be patched within the next three months.



The remote service provides cryptographic means of protecting communications.


Vulnerability Description

This script detects which IPMI cipher suites are supported by the remote service for the authentication, integrity, and confidentiality of communications. A hacker or an unauthorized person can access an IPMI device's console and do what they wants (reboot your server, reinstall it, change the configuration). In some cases, the embedded system could be exploited to run malicious programs.



In order to secure your IPMI and your IT infrastructure, please apply the following solutions:

  1. Disconnect the IPMI device from the Internet (If you do not need it at all).
  2. Have the IPMI devices accessible only via VPN (or from the internal network using private IP addresses).

If you have to keep your IPMI accessible publicly, these are some of the security measures to take:

  • Implement the IPMI security best practices (Enable IP address control, Manage your users, ...) via your IPMI web interface. 
  • Replace the ADMIN/admin default administrator user with a new administrator user. 
  • Delete any users that are no longer active, and disable the default users when possible.
  • Keep your IPMI software and firmware uptodate and reset ALL the IPMI accounts passwords.
  • Implement the best practices to secure the IPMI devices available here (PDF): http://fish2.com/ipmi/bp.pdf


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