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Email Policy
Electronic email is pervasively used in almost all industry verticals and is often the primary communication and awareness method within an organization. At the same time, misuse of email can post many legal, privacy and security risks, thus it’s important for users to understand the appropriate use of electronic communications.
The purpose of this email policy is to ensure the proper use of {{company_name}} email system and make users aware of what {{company_name}} deems as acceptable and unacceptable use of its email system. This policy outlines the minimum requirements for use of email within {{company_name}} Network.
This policy covers appropriate use of any email send from employees, contractors, consultants, temporaries, and other workers at {{company_name}}, including all personnel affiliated with third parties and applies to all employees, contractors, consultants, temporaries, and other workers at {{company_name}}, including all personnel affiliated with third parties.
  1. All use of email must be consistent with {{company_name}} policies and procedures of ethical conduct, safety, compliance with applicable laws and proper business practices.
  2. {{company_name}} email account should be used primarily for {{company_name}} business-related purposes; personal communication is permitted on a limited basis, but non-{{company_name}} related commercial uses are prohibited.
  3. Email should be retained only if it qualifies as a {{company_name}} business record.
  4. The {{company_name}} email system shall not to be used for the creation or distribution of any disruptive or offensive messages, including offensive comments about race, gender, hair colour, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, pornography, religious beliefs and practice, political beliefs, or national origin. Employees who receive any emails with this content from any {{company_name}} employee should report the matter to their supervisor immediately.
  5. Using a reasonable amount of {{company_name}} resources for personal emails is acceptable, but non-work related email shall be saved in a separate folder from work related email. Sending chain letters or joke emails from a {{company_name}} email account is prohibited.
  6. {{company_name}} employees shall have no expectation of privacy in anything they store, send or receive on the company’s email system.
  7. {{company_name}} may monitor messages without prior notice. {{company_name}} is not obliged to monitor email messages.
Compliance Measurement
The {{company_name}} Team will verify compliance to this policy through various methods, including but not limited to, business tool reports, internal and external audits, and feedback to the policy owner.
Any exceptions to the policy must be approved by the CEO in advance.
Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.