Tracking our Rally Cars

White Hat Rally organise and host an annual navigation and driving challenge that really does put the fun into fundraising. It’s an action packed, laughter-filled, clue deciphering, head scratching treasure hunt that unites the industry, forges friendships, creates business connections, provides brand awareness and most importantly, raises money for charity. All funds raised through the rally go straight to Barnardo’s, a charity that transforms the lives of the most vulnerable children across the UK through the work of their services, campaigning and research expertise.

Hedgehog Security are proud to be platinum sponsor of this event and to raise money for such a worthy charity.

Join us on an adventure!

Use the tracking map below to see where our two cars are on our journey as we travel through the South of England in search of Knights of the Realm, round tables and roundabouts! All donations are greatly appreciated in helping the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Through out the rally, you can track where our cars are, see live tweets from our co-drivers and when we spot something that needs a photo, see our photo and video feeds.

All of this is being done to raise money for Barnardo's. Please help us support this excellent charity by making any size donation here.

Where are we?

White Hat Rally Feed

Hedgehog Motorsport

Hedgehog Motorsport is very much a grass roots motorport team competing in the Monoposto single seater series, the MX5 Cup, the Britcar 24 hour and the National Hillclimb series. For the White Hat Rally we thought it would be nice to give some details about the cars, as these are a mix of road and competition spec vehciles.

Mixie Five

Mixie Five, crewed by husband and wife Peter and Isabella, is a Mazda MX5 born in the year 2001. She is the dainty sister of the team but dont let her cute looks fool you. Fully rally prepared for both stage and circuit, Mixie Five is built to full MSA Bluebook specification. Under the bonnet she sports a 271 BHP 1.8 litre normally aspirated engine. With a 0-60 time of 5.8 seconds, she doesnt hang about but at full throttle she is a thirsly lady and will drink 0.72 litres of super unleaded every minute.



Miyuki is a 19 year old exotic beauty born in Hiroshima, Japan, with pilot Steve and co-pilot Cass. The RX7 is one of the few rotory engined cars to go into mass production, originally a 1.3 twin-turbo charged two rotor engine producing 265hp. The car has been reworked to produce 420hp and lightend down to a breezy 1180kg, in a sleek stylish 90's kinda way. 0-60 comes in around 4 seconds with a top speed in excess of 180 mph. Other than ABS there are no dirver aids at all, Miyuki is always an event to take out on the road no matter the conditions. Also don't ask about fuel consumption, she's an expensive lady with expensive taste.


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