Wireless Penetration Testing

  • Highly trained and certified wireless specialists

  • Proven penetration testing methodology

  • Covers all wireless technologies

  • Optional on-site retest

Wireless Penetration Testing allows you to identify where the weak-points in your wireless security are. It is considered as best practice by numerous ISO standards and as a requirement of business by PCI-DSS, FCA and other regulatory bodies to have a Penetration Test carried out at least annually by a competent, independent external third party.

Conducting Penetration Testing against your wireless infrastructure will allow you to ascertain how well protected your wireless users and guests are, and how resistant the infrastructure is to attack.

We carry out a wide variety of attacks against your wireless setup and users in order to isolate potential issues with configuration, security and setup. As with all our penetration testing methods after completion you'll be provided with a report highlighting all the weaknesses and configuration issues discovered.

Wireless Testing Methodology

Our wireless penetration method covers 3 main areas, Discovery, Assessment and Exploitation:

  • Discovery: We start by exploring the wireless infrastructure finding out the protocols in use, how the network is configured, the network boundaries and authentication methods.

  • Assessment: With an understanding of the wireless infrastructure we can start to probe and test its capabilities to help us identify vulnerabilities in the configuration and setup.

  • Exploitation: Having tested the infrastructure and found any loopholes we now begin exploiting them with a view to showing you the impact and scope of the issues found and presenting you with a demonstration of our attack method.

We Love Reporting

Reporting is vitally important to every penetration test. We often get asked by clients why one third of the time assigned to a test is dedicated to creating the report, and the answer is simple. The report is the single tangilble piece you receive at the culmination of your penetration test.

We approach reporting in a different way to many of our peers. Your main report is split into three sections.

  • Executive Report

  • Technical Report

  • Vulnerability Report

While these three sections constitute the Penetration Test Report, we also provide you with a CSV file containing all the verified vulnerabilities to aid your technical teams in the remediation of the vulnerabilities.

Wherever possible, we also include links to downloadable video files for particular exploits so you can watch the penetration tester performing the exploitation and understand how the exploitation works.

All of this combined provides you with the most comprehensive penetration test report available to date.

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Wireless Penetration Test

This CREST consultant-driven penetration test is designed to help you find and fix WLAN weaknesses before attackers take advantage. By regularly testing your wireless network, you can identify and close any security holes before a criminal hacker can slip through.

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