Enhancing Cybersecurity for NGS with SOC365 Service

Northcott Global Solutions (NGS), a leading provider of innovative solutions and services, engaged Hedgehog Security to provide defensive cyber operations for their global network. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between NGS and Hedgehog Security, showcasing the benefits of proactive cybersecurity measures.

talks to Fabian, COO at Northcott Global Solutions.

Case Study: Enhancing Cybersecurity for Northcott Global Solutions with Hedgehog Security's SOC365 Service

Northcott Global Solutions (NGS), a crisis management and logistics leader, faced increasing cyber threats from foreign nation-states targeting their sensitive operations. In response, NGS engaged Hedgehog Security to deploy our SOC365 service, which aimed at securing and defending their business against these sophisticated cyber attacks. This case study explores how Hedgehog Security's SOC365 service helped NGS fortify its cybersecurity defences and maintain the integrity of its critical operations.


Northcott Global Solutions operates globally, providing crisis management and logistics support to a wide range of clients. Their work involves handling sensitive information and coordinating complex logistics, making them a prime target for cyber attacks from foreign entities. To safeguard their operations, NGS recognized the need for a robust and proactive cybersecurity strategy.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for NGS was the sophisticated nature of the cyber threats they faced. Attackers, often backed by nation-states, used advanced tactics to infiltrate their systems. These threats required more than standard security measures; NGS needed a comprehensive solution capable of detecting, defending, disrupting, and remediating cyber threats in real time. Fabian, the Chief Operations Officer at NGS, emphasized the critical need for an integrated security approach to protect their operations and sensitive data.

Implementing SOC365: A Comprehensive Solution

Hedgehog Security's SOC365 service was the perfect fit for NGS. SOC365 stands out with its centralized and integrated approach to cybersecurity, offering continuous monitoring, threat detection, incident response, and proactive threat hunting. The service includes advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and robust threat intelligence capabilities, making it a comprehensive and effective solution for NGS's cybersecurity needs.

Detect: SOC365's advanced SIEM systems continuously monitor NGS's network for suspicious activities. By analyzing logs and traffic in real time, our team can identify potential threats before they escalate.

Defend: When threats are detected, SOC365 provides rapid incident response to contain and mitigate the impact. This includes isolating affected systems, removing malware, and addressing vulnerabilities to prevent future incidents.

Disrupt: SOC365 leverages advanced threat intelligence to stay ahead of cybercriminals. By gathering and analyzing data from various sources, including dark web monitoring and open-source intelligence, we can anticipate and neutralize threats before they can cause harm.

Remediate: Regular vulnerability assessments and proactive threat hunting are integral to SOC365. Our team identifies and addresses weaknesses in NGS's IT infrastructure, ensuring their systems remain secure.

Results and Impact

Since implementing SOC365, Northcott Global Solutions has seen a significant improvement in its cybersecurity posture. The continuous monitoring and proactive threat hunting provided by SOC365 have enhanced NGS's real-time ability to detect and respond to cyber threats. Fabian notes that the integration of SOC365 has allowed their team to focus on core operations without the constant worry of cyber threats, providing a sense of relief.

The comprehensive reporting and compliance support provided by SOC365 have also been invaluable. NGS operates in multiple jurisdictions with varying regulatory requirements. SOC365 ensures they remain compliant with all relevant regulations, reducing the risk of legal complications and penalties.

Why SOC365 Was the Right Choice for NGS

Fabian highlights several reasons why SOC365 was the ideal solution for NGS:

Comprehensive Coverage: SOC365 offers a full suite of security services, ensuring that all of NGS's cybersecurity needs are addressed.

Proactive Approach: SOC365 takes a proactive stance with its advanced threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities. By constantly monitoring and analyzing data from various sources, including dark web monitoring and open-source intelligence, SOC365 keeps NGS ahead of potential cyber threats, ensuring they can be neutralized before they can cause harm.

Expert Support: The highly skilled cybersecurity experts at Hedgehog Security provide continuous support, ensuring that NGS's systems are always protected.

Scalability: SOC365 is scalable to meet the evolving needs of NGS as their operations grow and expand.

Cost-Effective: Implementing SOC365 has proven to be a cost-effective solution for NGS. It provides top-tier cybersecurity without requiring significant capital investment in in-house resources, making it an affordable and valuable choice for organizations like NGS.


Northcott Global Solutions' partnership with Hedgehog Security through the SOC365 service has been instrumental in securing their crisis management and logistics operations against sophisticated cyber threats. SOC365's comprehensive and proactive approach has enhanced NGS's cybersecurity defences, allowing it to operate confidently and focus on its core mission.

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