Who is Hedgehog Security

The mission behind Hedgehog

Protecting your digital world with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions — Hedgehog Security is your shield against online threats.

Leading the charge in

Cyber Defence

Hedgehog Security, a CREST, IASME, and NCSC-approved Cyber Security firm, stands at the forefront of the fight against cyber threats.

We specialise in Cyber Security Consulting, Offensive Security/Penetration Testing, Managed SIEM and Wazuh, and round-the-clock Security Monitoring via our advanced Security Operations Center.

Founded in response to the growing cyber threats and the global shortage of cybersecurity experts, Hedgehog Security has rapidly evolved into a global leader in the field. Our mission is underpinned by three core pillars: Detect, Disrupt, and Protect. These principles empower our clients with unparalleled detection capabilities and the agility to swiftly counter threats, ensuring minimal impact on their operations. At Hedgehog Security, we don’t just safeguard businesses; we fortify their future.


Overview of

Hedgehog Security

Hedgehog Security was established in 2010 by Peter Bassill with the vision to help companies improve their security posture by delivering security assessment programs, SOC as a Service, security penetration programs, and vulnerability and remediation programs.

We have extensive experience in security and risk management and has helped numerous companies define and implement security best practises ensuring that their environment is protected from threats. Peter has worked for over 30 years in Information Security and Risk Management and for 10 years as the CISO for FTSE250 businesses around the globe primarily responsible for Cyber Defence.

Security Experts supported by the Research: In addition to our extensive security knowledge, we have access to the world’s leading security researchers and thought leaders.  This enables our team to stay up to date with the latest security trends andthreats.

Focus on the root cause underlying security problems: Any firm can identify a few of the symptoms that result from security holes and weaknesses. However, problems cannot truly be addressed until the underlying root cause of the issue is a ddressed.  Otherwise, companies will continue to find that security problems arise at unexpected times. We help companies find and address the root causes underlying their security issues.

Comprehensive tools and processes to gather the right data: The accuracy of security data drives both the speed and accuracy of any security analysis. We use a combination of proprietary and public tools to ensure that they gather the most accurate data through efficient means.

Recommendations aligned with risk and business objectives: Every client has many different factors that can influence the impact of and priority of security issues.  We customize assessments andremediation priorities inaccordance with business goals and objectives.

Why choose Hedgehog?

  • Head Office in Manchester, UK.
  • Operational bases in the UK, Spain, Gibraltar and the USA
  • Trusted by organisations such as TWI, Atomic Energy Authority, the UK Government,Oxford University, Microsoft, Bugcrowd, the BBC and many others
  • CREST certified since 2012
  • CREST CRT and OSCP Qualified Staff
  • More than 200 Penetration Tests performed a year
  • More than 17,000 devices under 24x7x365 monitoring

Our team

Meet the core Hedgehog team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

Peter BassillPeter Bassill
CEO, Head of Threat Disruption
Peter Bassill, CEO of Hedgehog Security. Peter is our Head of Threat Disruption and principle security researcher.
Joseph McCarthyJoseph McCarthy
CTO and Head of SOC
Chief Technology Officer and head of SOC.
Diana SzyperskaDiana Szyperska
Operations Manager
Operations, Projects and Administration Manager
Sara Rios SanchezSara Rios Sanchez
SOC Analyst
Sara is a Cyber Defender, SOC Analyst at Hedgehog.
Salvador Rocha RodriguezSalvador Rocha Rodriguez
SOC Analyst
Savaldor is a Cyber Defender, SOC Analyst working in the Managed SOC.
Hedgey AIHedgey AI
AI SOC Analyst
Our AI, born in 2018. Not ChatGPT.