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Peter Bassill

Founder, CEO, Researcher

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My professional journey is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to advancing Cyber Security, and a profound impact on both organizational success and industry development.

With an unwavering commitment to the Information Security realm since 1999 and a comprehensive IT journey dating back to 1996, I bring a distinctive blend of profound technical prowess and strategic business acumen. Over the course of my career, I have seamlessly integrated my roles, fostering an exceptional understanding of the symbiotic relationship between businesses and IT within large organizations. My professional journey encompasses a rich history of hands-on experience in information systems operations, network engineering, and information security management. Notably, my pursuit of excellence has been underscored by a myriad of technical certifications, including the prestigious Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Recognized as a community leader in Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards, my dedication to the field was further acknowledged in 2009 when I secured the runner-up position in the SC Magazine’s Information Security Person of the Year.

Delving into the intricate realm of Cyber Security since 2005, I have carved out discrete specialisms with a focus on Wireless networking, communication, and the expansive landscape of IoT technologies. My expertise extends into Offensive Security perspectives, where I've made significant contributions, particularly in the domains of Wireless networking and IoT builds.

Currently steering the helm as the CEO of a distinguished Cyber Security firm, my role is characterized by comprehensive authority over all facets of operations. This spans from policy formulation to application, with unwavering accountability for decisions made. My leadership extends beyond mere organizational boundaries, impacting the industry at large through active participation in governing bodies. My daily decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the success of the business, with a profound ability to inspire and influence both internal teams and industry developments. Actively engaging with governing bodies, I strive to advance technological knowledge not only within my organization but across the broader industry landscape. My strategic relationships with clients, partners, industry leaders, and government entities underscore my commitment to driving positive change.

As a leader, I am at the forefront of formulating and implementing growth strategies for the Cyber Security sector. Navigating the complexities of the industry, I foster the development of tomorrow's leaders and possess a nuanced understanding of emerging technologies' implications for the broader business environment.

Backed by 22 years of experience, I possess a comprehensive suite of strategic management and leadership skills. My ability to articulate and teach complex ideas, coupled with a deep understanding of diverse business practices, enables effective communication at all levels. Regularly assessing the impact of emerging practices and technologies, I communicate potential risks to governments, organizations, and individuals.

Security Research Arenas

My dual areas of interest, Wi-Fi security, and IoT devices within DevOps, have evolved into specialized domains. Extensive research in these areas has led to talks and publications on IoT adoption and secure wireless communication. Notably, my contributions extend to maritime navigation projects, leveraging IoT expertise to enhance the adoption of safe and secure navigational aids within the community.


  • Secured Navigation with Rasberry Pi & Nano
  • What Every CEO Needs to Know about Cyber Security,pending publication, 2016
  • IoT Revolution in the Martime Sector, 2015
  • Penetration Testing with Metasploit Pro – an internal Rapid7 training course, 2011
  • Penetration Testing with Metasploit Pro – an internal Rapid7 manual to support the trainingcourse , 2011
  • Cyber Security in the Real World – Infosec Europe, 2010
  • Information Security for the SME – Infosec Europe, 2010
  • Managing Cyber Security in a Dashboard, Splunk Congress, 2010
  • Cyber Security Defence in Practise, What the Big 4 got wrong – Congress, 2009
  • Whitepaper on Defending Web Applications through OWASP, 2007
  • Whitepaper on the Management of DDoS Attacks, 2006
  • Nexpose Masterclass – an internal Rapid7 manual and training course

Peter Bassill