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hedgehog security penetration testing

Penetration Testing.

Hedgehog is a boutique penetration testing company with a high pedigree and a long list of distinguished clients. Hedgehog has the skills and capacity to provide all your security testing needs.

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hedgehog security penetration test

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We are fanatically dedicated to you, our client. We will move mountains and part seas to make sure you get the very best from your security testing.

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Hedgehog Security a fully UK based team.

Our quick responding team will help you arrange your penetration test fast. Everyone on our team is an experienced security practitioner with skills in Penetration Testing and Information Security Consulting..
We truly care about our clients. Our clients love Hedgehog, and you will too with our incredible service.

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Trusted By Many Organisations.

We help our clients obtain a deeper understanding of their security, helping them to maintain meaningful relationships with their partners, clients and investors.

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