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Hedgehog Security

Hedgehog Security was founded in 2009 with the goal of securing the British business community one business at a time. Since then we have stuck to this principle, adopting slow growth and maintaing high standards of delivery and service.

Hedgehog Security is a CREST registered, Manchester based Penetration Testing and Security Consulting firm. Our goal is to help identify and prevent “cyber” and information security risks and threats, so you can relax and get on with your job. Operating from Spinningfields, in the heart of the commercial district of Manchester, we are able to access the world quickly and efficiently.

A Word from the Boss

Hedgehog Security Boss - Peter Bassill

Hedgehog Security was founded to address a gap in the market. Back in 2009, good cyber security and penetration testing was the domain of larger companies. Many small and medium sized companies were getting hit hard and the attrition rate of business post hack/breach was incredible. Sat at a Microsoft Security Board meeting a realisation struck me. No business, regardless of size, should be without good cyber security controls. I vowed in 2009 to secure every UK business, one business at a time, and to date that is what we have been doing.

Through active penetration testing or through our Continual Cyber Assurance program, we will always strive to bring safety and security to your business. Helping the business owners concentrate on what is important to their core business and taking the worry and concern of Cyber Security away.

Hedgehog Security Services

Continual Cyber Assurance

A revolutionary way to ensure you maintain the strongest level of security and defense against cyber threat. Continual Cyber Assurance is five locks strong, our highest level of security service.



Penetration Testing

Simulating an attack on your applications, systems, people or facilities. We will work to identify your security weak points helping streamline your remediation process and improve your cyber security.




Continuous or single point in time testing and training, our Phishing simulator will help protect your workforce.



Vulnerability Assessments

Routine or single point in time assessments, our analyst led vulnerability assessments give you an insight into your vulnerabilities.



Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme. The Cyber Essentials scheme aims to encourage UK businesses of any size to take steps towards achieving a baseline.



Cyber Essentials Plus

Building on the foundations of the Cyber Essentials programme, Cyber Essentials Plus demonstrates commitment to good Cyber Security practises for businesses.



Hedgehog Weekly

Each week we will bring you a new awarness cartoon. Often based around our observations and findings and sometimes based on what we read in the news.