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Identify the gaps
in your security

Penetration Testing

A Penetration Test is a simulation of an attacker. We simulate attacking your digital, physical and human systems to identify security holes.

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Virtual CISO

The Hedgehog Virtual CISO service allows your organisation to benefit from our Information Security, Legal and Compliance experts.

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User Awareness

Hedgehog Security work with many organisations that have recognised the importance of educating their employees on how best to secure their information.

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme. The Cyber Essentials scheme aims to encourage UK businesses of any size to take steps towards achieving a baseline of cyber security.

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At Hedgehog we deliver you a tailored service. We will work with you to build an accurate penetration test. One that suits the profile of your business. One that identified where likely threats come from. One that gives you a real world goal of the assessment. This is done to ensure that our work for you meets your exact needs.

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  • We asked Hedgehog to run our annual Phishing campaign. The team produced an exceptions campaign and helps us identify were we should target our awareness training.

  • Peter and his firm perform a monumental job on a daily basis. Born from the techie egg, but learnt the dark arts of process, policy and governance he is a rare beast in the shadowy world of IT Security. – Dave Perry, Gala Coral Group

  • Peter and the Hedgehog Team proved to be excellent technicians and trouble shooters. Their wealth of knowledge of low level security flaws proved highly effective in our Penetration Test. – Angus Gardener – AusCERT

  • Hedgehog proved their value as leading edge Penetration Testers. They were able to get in where others had failed and their reports proved more valuable than others I have seen in the last 10 years. – Dan Kaminzky

  • Peter always provided a unique insight into IT security issues of importance. A respected and senior member of the IT community, Peter stands out as honourable and the person you would want on your side. – Edward Gibson, Microsoft

  • Working with Hedgehog on a very challenging project was a pleasure. I was extremely impressed by the dedication to get the issues resolved. Peter’s ability to come up with a solution while under extreme pressure is something I realized quickly. – M Reynol

  • Peter is an excellent CISO. He is very knowledgeable in all areas of his field, he deals with all problems in a very logical and professional manner. I would recommend the vCISO program to anyone who doesnt need a full time CISO. – Adam Petherick, Deloitt