Through active penetration testing or through our Continual Cyber Assurance program, we will always strive to bring safety and security to your business.


    Our Penetration Testing service allows you to identify where weak-points exist in your cyber security. Learn more

    Continual Cyber security for your business, including our world class Virtual CISO™ (vCISO™) service, is our flagship service providing you with complete piece of mind from Cyber worries. Learn more

    We perform CREST approved IT Security Health Checks, performing a complete security audit of your digital infrastructure. Learn more

    Vulnerability Scanning provides you with a view of the vulnerabilities present in your systems on a regular basis. Learn more

    Get the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certifications quickly, easily and painlessly. Learn more



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Cyber Summer Camp

Cyber Summer Camp

Hedgehog Hackers run Gibraltar's first ever Cyber Summer Camp, for the kids.

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How to know if your childs smart toy has been hacked

How to know if your childs smart toy has been hacked

Digital technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and opened up our homes to hacking.

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GDPR, What do we know so far
Data Protection

GDPR, What do we know so far

We might have had two years to prepare for the introduction of the new General Data Protection Rules

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Nearly half of all UK businesses hit by security breach

Nearly half of all UK businesses hit by security breach

Despite all the warnings about the financial and reputational damage a cy ber attack can cause, near

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Emergency Response Company, CEO

Hedgehog Security succeeded where many others didn't. They were able to identify a critical weakness in our infrastructure before it was attacked and helped identi fy the correct fix for us. I would highly recommended Hedgehog Security to anyone looking to improve their security.

Oil Drilling Company, Founder

When we asked how vulnerable to cyber-attack our drilling rigs were, we didn't e xpect the answer to be what was proved. Hedgehog pulled out all the stops and proved just how at risk we were. Going that extra mile, they then helped manage the remediation discussions with the equipment providers.

Managing Director, Masbro Insurance

Hedgehog are a massively underused asset in Gibraltar. Being the only Cyber Security firm on the rock, they are at hand when we need them. Their Pro Scan service has been a big help in identifying where our assets are, reducing the vulnerabilities internally and externally and helping us reduce the overall cost of running our IT systems.

IT Director, Online & Digital Marketing

Working with Hedgehog was easy and swift. Hedgehog is very much a family style pentest house who focus on making the testing as painless and efficient as possible. They made it possible for us to increase the level of our security without impacting on our productivity and our day to day business.

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