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Breathe Easy:
Cyber Defence, by Experts

Breathe easy knowing that your cybersecurity is in expert hands. Our SOC, Security Operations Centre, as a Service takes the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to navigate the digital world with tranquility and confidence.

Security operations centre, soc as a service, from Hedgehog Security

Proactive Vigilance: Navigating Threats in Real Time

In the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, waiting for threats to strike is no longer an option. At Hedgehog Security, we embody the concept of proactive vigilance—a steadfast commitment to detecting, analyzing, and neutralizing threats in real time, before they can cause harm. That sums up our Security Operations Centre facility, to Detect, Defend & Disrupt.

Security Operations Centre: Unified Protection as a Service

Real-Time Monitoring: Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) functions as a digital control tower, tirelessly monitoring your systems, servers, and endpoints 24/7. Regardless of whether they're physical, virtual, or cloud-based, we keep a watchful eye, ensuring that even the most covert threats are promptly exposed.

Predictive Analysis: Predicting the actions of cyber adversaries requires more than just algorithms—it demands a blend of human intuition and advanced technology. Our team of cybersecurity experts, backed by our AI system, Hedgey, analyze data patterns to identify potential threats before they escalate, enabling us to thwart attacks in their infancy.

Swift Response:
In the face of a cyberattack, every second counts. Our SOC springs into action with unmatched speed, immediately activating a coordinated response to contain, mitigate, and eradicate threats. Whether it's isolating affected systems, closing vulnerabilities, or restoring services, we ensure your digital environment remains secure.

Threat Intelligence Integration: Vigilance doesn't stop at your digital perimeter. We integrate threat intelligence data from leading sources, ensuring that our SOC possesses up-to-the-minute insights into emerging threats. This enables us to adapt our strategies and stay ahead of cyber adversaries, so you're never caught off guard.

Peace of Mind in Motion: With proactive vigilance, peace of mind is not a distant dream; it's a tangible reality. As our SOC navigates threats in real time, you can focus on your business objectives without the weight of constant cyber worries. Our commitment to vigilance empowers you to operate with confidence, knowing that your digital landscape is fortified against any incursion.

At Hedgehog Security,
we don't just react to threats; we anticipate them. Our proactive vigilance elevates your cybersecurity to a level where threats are detected and defeated before they even surface. Step into a realm of continuous protection, where your digital frontiers remain secure, and your business objectives flourish without interruption.

Our Comprehensive Managed SOC & XDR

Our managed Security Operations Centre and our managed XDR platform are flexible and scalable to suit any organisation of any size, and promises an impressive set of outcomes:

  + Gain the peace of mind of having comprehensive cyber security across your entire IT environment
  + Managed Vulnerability Management
  + Significantly reduce the chances of a successful cyber-attack
  + Rapidly contain suspicious incidents
  + Shorten the dwell time of a cybercriminal
  + Minimise damage of any breaches that do occur
  + Save the expense of building and running an in-house cyber security team
  + Understand your risk profile and improve your security posture against the latest threats
  + Increase your team’s productivity by freeing their time and energy
  + See any cyber incidents and how they’re being managed in real time via our customer portal

The managed component of our SOC and XDR service means that our experienced SOC analysts and threat hunters will proactively monitor your environment on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our team will ensure you have the best security protection possible as Wazuh and Microsoft continues to update features and products. Our expert analysts will investigate any suspicious activity that is flagged by our automated threat monitoring technology, while our talented Threat Hunters will be proactively looking for weaknesses. This approach makes the most of human intelligence and creativity combined with time-saving software and our own AI.

SOC365 - Your Security Operations Centre

Our SOC as a Service offering, SOC365, operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We are a team of cyber experts with extensive experience in both fully outsourced and hybrid service models. We follow a comprehensive "continuous maturity improvement" process that helps to keep cyber resilience up-to-date and in line with the cyber threats of tomorrow, deliveing protective security monitoring for IT, OT and maritime platforms to the government, defence, aeronautics, space, energy, transportation, shipping & maritime, not for profit / charities, legal, manufacturing, banking and finance industries.
Basic plan
or £3025 yearly
1 to 9 monitored devices
30-day data history
XDR Agent for Windows & MacOS
Weekly backups
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Small Business
or £5500 yearly
10 to 25 devices
90-day data history
XDR Agents for Windows, MacOS and Linux
Weekly backups
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Enterprise plan
Contact us
+44 3333 444 256
26+ Devices
365-day data history
XDR Agents for Windows, MacOS, Linux & Server Technologies
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