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SIEM(lessly) Delivered

Security Information and Event Management is a set of integrated log management and monitoring tools that help organisations detect targeted attacks and data breaches. Our SIEM system aggregates and analyses log event information from devices, infrastructure, systems and applications to detect suspicious activity inside your networks. When anomalous behaviour is identified, an alert is generated for investigation.

SIEM as a Service from Hedgehog Security.

Enhanced Vigilance: Threat Detection with Managed SIEM

With the threat landscape evolving at an unprecedented rate, real-time threat monitoring to provide visibility of security events inside your organisation’s network is now an important layer of defence.

Our SIEM as a service combines the latest Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology, experienced security experts, and up-to-the minute threat intelligence to enhance threat visibility across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

How SIEM as a Service helps

Organisations that invest in an on-premise or cloud based self managed SIEM can quickly realise that they are unable manage it without a large team of security experts to deploy their chosen solution and analyse and respond to the high volume of alerts it is likely to generate. Alert fatigue is a common problem for security teams, often leading to important alerts being missed or overlooked. A high proportion of SIEM alerts are false positives.

For an affordable subscription, SOC365 by Hedgehog Security provides the people, technology and intelligence your organisation needs to get the most out of SIEM. Certified to deploy and manage a range of SIEM solutions, our Security Operations Centre (SOC) professionals work as an extension of your in-house team to enhance threat detection and response capabilities and alleviate the burden of analysing and investigating security alerts 24/7.

In our SIEM as a Service

The latest SIEM Technology
An agnostic approach to technology means that we support a broad range of market-leading SIEM technologies, including ‘Next-Gen’ and SaaS SIEM solutions, and we’ll work with you to deploy a system that’s best tailored to your organisation’s threat detection needs.
Security Experts
Our security operations centre team of analysts, engineers and incident responders are responsible for the deployment, configuration and ongoing monitoring of your SIEM solution. We’ll even host it for you in our datacentre.
SOC365 Platform
SOC365 s our proprietary alerting and threat management platform that will notify your in-house security team of incidents and supply the actionable mitigation guidance they need to respond quickly and effectively.
Key Benefits
Our SIEM as a Service offers your organisation a range of security and operational advantages:
Enhanced threat detection and incident response

Our SOC engineers are continuously updating and developing our SIEM stack to quickly detect current and emerging threats, while reducing the volumn of false positives that lead to alert fatigue.
Reduces workload on internal teams

By analysing and triaging the alerts generated by our SIEM platform and only communicating those which genuinely require attention, your internal experts are able to focus on other aspects of security management.
Maximise your Security Investment

For the paid tiers, our SOC engineers will help deploy the SIEM stack to best meet your organisation’s needs. We’ll integrate the log sources and intelligence required to achieve threat visibility and conduct regular checks to ensure it remains in optimal health.
Supports compliance requirements

Proactive security monitoring is a requirement of the GDPR, PCI DSS and other regulatory and industry standards. Compliance reporting helps you to measure improvements to your organisation’s security posture and communicate the value of the service to stakeholders.
Why Choose SOC365?
  • We are a global MDR company
  • CREST Certified Red and Blue teams
  • Focus on Quality of Service, not Quantity of Clients
  • Fast, Easy service deployment
  • Technology Agnostic
  • High Client Satisfaction
Free Tier
free forever
up to 25 monitored devices
30-day data history
XDR Agent for Windows & MacOS
Weekly backups
4374 Detection Rules
Support via discord - best efforts
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Small Business
up to 100 monitored devices
90-day data history
XDR Agents for Windows, MacOS and Linux
Syslog Feeds
5380 Detection Rules
Compliance Monitoring
Email Support - 1 day response
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Large Business
up to 250 monitored devices
365-day data history
XDR Agents for Windows, MacOS, Linux & Server Technologies
Syslog Feeds
5380 Detection Rules
Compliance Monitoring
Custom Detection Rules
Custom Dashboard Views
Email Support - 1 hour response
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