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Virtual CISO

The Hedgehog Virtual CISO service allows your organisation to benefit from our Information Security, Legal and Compliance experts.

Our Virtual CISO team will work with you to performing the tasks typically assigned to a full­time Chief Information Security Officer, but for a fraction of the cost. Your Virtual CISO will work as a member of your organisation. They will assist with the implementation and management of your Information Security program. Documented from the start, this can include areas of concern such as Risk Management, Compliance Assurance, and Data Privacy programs. Dependant on your requirements, this can be delivered onsite or remotely.

They will help build an accountable, information security ­conscious culture alongside a technical security infrastructure. Our team uses a standards ­driven approach backed up by effective operational procedures, regular status monitoring, and reporting activities. The flexibility of the Virtual CISO program allows your organisation to get the Information Security support you need. Typically, we see support needs most in areas such as contingency planning, risk and vulnerability management, incident response, awareness training, etc.

With the Virtual CISO program, you are not just hiring a single professional. You have access to an experienced team with backgrounds in pure security, cyber intelligence, information law and compliance alongside industry specific skills.

Working either on-­site, remotely or both, our team will help your organisation achieve its goals with greater levels of efficiency. Our Virtual CISO program is the most cost-­effective solution to help overcome the challenges you are facing with information security, risk and vulnerability management, incident response, awareness training, etc.

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“Hedgehog is one of those rare companies comprised of individuals who (like me) have a unique combination of heavy technical skills coupled with excellent service. They helped us achieve our very specific goals”

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