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Reports emerged yesterday that an unnamed Canada organisation paid a record C$425,000 - believed ot be the biggest payout in the country to date - to recover from a ransomware attack which crippled not only the production database, but their recovery backups.  The specialists working with the company are naturally cagey about their client, although I expect their identity will emerge in the fullness of time. What they have revealed already is the answer to the basic question: how? The ransomware entered the company through a very specific dual-pronged spear-phishing campaign against high-level executives and logistics managers.
Lessons? Easy - awareness. If you're the person in the seat signing the cheques, don't assume that someone else will be the problem. Anyone and everyone needs to be on their guard, all the time.  The higher you are in a management hierarchy, the juicier you are a target for your extended reach across the company.  It is often said that the biggest return on investment is in awareness training.
Oh, and the other lesson? Don't keep your backups on the infrastructure you are trying to protect.  That's just silly.